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Cats and the Potterverse

we have seen Arabella Figg and she is us

HP fandom ailurophilia
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This is a community for Harry Potter fans who like cats.

On topic:
  • discussing the felines of canon and associated human characters
    Anything from simple fangirling of Crookshanks in the PoA movie to profound meta about the nature of Kneazles or the relationship between Squibs and their cats.

  • posting or reccing cat-themed HP fics/art - all ratings and pairings welcome
    For fics, please use the lj-cut tag on anything longer than a drabble, with rating indicated and warnings if applicable. For art, lj-cut anything bigger than an icon. Readers, use your judgement - if the idea of NC-17 Filch/Norris appalls you, just don't read it; spraying on the author is quite unnecessary.

  • making and sharing HP feline icons
    And do use your cat icons when you post here.

  • posting your personal cat stories/pics
    These don't have to be fandom-related - but if your cat reminds you of Snape, for example, this is definitely the place to admit it. Please use the lj-cut tag for long stories and big pics.
Feel free to suggest any other appropriate activities for this community.

Your mod is mctabby, assisted by Bestia the Sorting Cat and the ever-purring tabby Imperio.