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Kittypic spam!

Title of this photo collection could be "cats on my clean clothes":

Luna and Katsuna

Image hosting by Photobucket

Lugh and Leo

Image hosting by Photobucket

Garfield and Katsuna

Image hosting by Photobucket

And here is my White Kitties photo: Lugh and Luna.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Aren't they cute?

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Very VERY cute, The paws and half open eyes on that first one going 'don't you think I look adorable?' is fabulous. Looks like you have some very nice cats.
Thank you. *purr*

I have very *spoiled* cats. As it wasn't already obvius...
Aw! Cute! None of my cats will curl up together. They'd swat at each other and get into a wrestling match. *grin*
Oh, they do swat each other, trust me. But when the temperature drops, they don't bother picking up fights. :)
I live in southern California, so it doesn't get real cold here.
I live in Greece. We aren't supposed to have real cold either, but it snowed for the third time this winter. :S
So jealous. *pouts* The last time we got snow was about three years ago.
It's nice if you can stay home snuggling with the cats. I almost broke my leg going to work in early February...
I take it by the 'almost' that you didn't. *grin* It snowed late in the day and not even enough to leave a dusting.
Nope, I didn't. But it still hurts sometimes. Especially when I have to clean the cat's boxes.

Some times I wonder if I have cats or pigs in here...
I can understand that. *smile* My siblings and I take turns cleaning the cat boxes.
They're all so adorable! ^..^

I've gotten used to the notion of not having "clean clothes"; as soon as I take them out of the dryer, my Crookshanks uses them as a bed. (Crookshanks is in my icon. He seems to resemble your Luna a bit.) :)
Thank you! And apologies it took me forever to respond.

Clean clothes? I've made fur-on-clothes a fashion statement. :)

Your Crookshanks looks more like my Lugh, who has a similar orange patch. Luna has a grey patch. Does he have an orange tail as well? I just love kitties with the Van color pattern!