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Story...a drabble...

title: Snape Hates Cats

pairings: none

kitties: Mrs. Norris

rating: G I guess..sorry..

disclaimer: I own nothing, I make no money so I have nothing I would die happy if HP chars were mine but they are not. I just like the cats..even Mrs. Norris who is just doing her job..

My very first drabble and story...*hides* It won't go away so I post it here..*drops blot plot kitten*


Snape shook his head and smirked. It was the same almost every time! When would she tire of this game? Ah well, it was worth a few snorts for him either way. Severus strode down the near empty halls of Hogwarts knowing where Mrs. Norris would go to next.

"You are soo DEAD" Snape breathed, knowing students could hear him, "You cannot hide you demon cat! I WILL use you in a potion this time! Filthy beast!"

The Potions Master picked up his usual stride and noticed a few first years who eyed him curiously. One first yeat, he knew was following him from a distance. He almost laughed out loud, they were so obvious those first years! Snape smirked and muttered about the millions of uses of dead cats.

Severus composed himself and found his target, swooping almost birdlike onto the Hogwarts grounds and to the gardens next to the wall. There under a rosebush was a small hole where a certain Mrs. Norris was sure to be. It was quiet, almost hidden but well known to Severus alone and Mrs. Norris. A faint scratching could be heard from within.

Mrs. Norris knew the snarky Potions Master was outside her burrow. She hissed and spat as Snape took out a tiny basket from his pocket, tapped it twice and it became a big cat carrier basket. The student trailing Snape halted in shock as Mrs. Norris cautiously peeked out of her burrow with a tiny newborn kitten in her mouth. She decided the basket was good enough for her and the babies and brought more up one by one.

Snape gave a small smile to Mrs. Norris and glared at the red-haired girl.

"You are fool enough to follow me, so you might as well be useful! Mrs. Norris has had another batch of kittens and we need to clean them and get mother and babies inside before nightfall. Unless you WANT a detention." he rustled in his robes for clean cloth and a cleaning potion.

Ginerva Weasley gulped, it was only her second day at Hogwarts and her first year! Already she was in trouble..her mother would NOT be pleased.
They cleaned the newborn baby kitties of soil carefully, then coaxed Mrs. Norris into the basket.

Professor Snape shook his head, "Fitch should really get her fixed, but he won't hear of it."

"Why doesn't she let them nurse?" Ginny heard herself ask as Mrs. Norris shifted into her own section of the basket away from the mewing hungry kittens.

"She doesn't know what to do with them. She has had so many and never bothers to wash them or nurse them after they are born. I guess she never learned how. If left alone she would simply birth them and leave them to die." the Potions Master glanced at the girl and shut the basket suddenly as Mrs. Norris protested with a hiss. Heand thrust the basket into her arms and strode away as if nothing had happened.

"Wha?" Ginny was both scared but relieved she didn't have a detention from the much feared Potions Master.

She swore heard him mutter as he strode away.

"Now they are YOUR kittens my dear! If they die you WILL get a run along!"

Mrs. Norris bolted from the basket suddenly, having had enough of being there with annoying baby kittens and a strange first year girl. Professor Snape smirked as Mrs. Norris streaked past him towards Fitch's quarters.

First Years were so very gullible. The girl would take the kittens to the proper teacher and all would be well. No doubt Mrs. Norris would be by later for a sip of milk Severus always left in his quarters for her. Ginerva Weasley could tell no one what happened for who would believe that the sour and scary Potions Professor really liked cats? Everyone KNEW Professor Snape HATED cats.

And next year the game would begin again with the next batch of kittens. Which first year would Snape rope into taking care of kittens then? Who knew, but his reputation would remain safely intact. A cat hater.


I hope this wasn't too was a drabble that turned into a small story. *sigh*
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